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The Vital Role of June in Sri Lankan Tea Production

The Vital Role of June in Sri Lankan Tea Production
The Vital Role of June in Sri Lankan Tea Production

Sri Lanka is a major player in the world tea market, and its robust production system relies heavily on its harvesting season. June marks an important period for tea farmers throughout the country as it marks the start of peak harvesting period due to favourable growing conditions. This importance is reflected in how much effort goes into this month’s harvest, which can be seen across all the different stages of production.

The harvest itself provides some of the freshest quality leaves that will be used throughout the year. Due to their freshness, they have higher levels of antioxidants and other beneficial compounds making them popular with consumers looking for natural health benefits from their beverage. As such, many companies will invest heavily in the June harvest to ensure that they can get their hands on some of the best quality tea leaves.

The harvesting season is also an important time for workers, as it is when many new jobs are created and wages peak. Since pickers need to be highly trained, inexperience is not such a big issue during this month. This provides much needed income for thousands of people across Sri Lanka who depend on the tea industry to sustain themselves and their families.

June is also an important period for manufacturers as it marks the start of production within factories. The harvested leaves need to be processed quickly in order to avoid any degradation in taste or quality which may occur due to waiting too long before they’re processed. As such, factories put in extra effort during June to ensure that they can make the most of their fresh tea leaves and turn them into delicious finished products.

The importance of June for Sri Lankan tea production is clear. It marks an important point in the yearly cycle for workers, farmers and manufacturers alike. For many people across the country, it represents a time of new beginnings with some much needed income being created in what is often a difficult economic climate. All these factors combine to make June one of the most important months for anyone involved in Sri Lankan tea production!


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