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The Most Expensive Tea in the World and Where to Find It

The Most Expensive Tea in the World and Where to Find It
The Most Expensive Tea in the World and Where to Find It

Tea is one of the most beloved beverages in Britain. A cup of tea is seen as a sign of hospitality, relaxation, and comfort. But did you know there are some teas that are so expensive they rival the cost of fine wines? Let’s take a look at some of the most expensive teas in the world and where you can find them.

Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao tea is probably the most expensive tea in the world. This premium oolong tea has been around for centuries and comes from certain areas in Wuyi Mountains of Fujian province, China. Its high price tag comes from its rarity. Da Hong Pao is grown on steep cliffs which makes it difficult to harvest by hand and limits how much tea can be produced each year. Additionally, this particular type of oolong boasts a unique flavour profile with notes of honey, cocoa, dried fruits, dates, and even roasted chestnuts. A small box of 10g Da Hong Pao tea can cost upwards of $3500 USD!

Wu Liang Ye Tea

Wu Liang Ye tea is another incredibly rare Chinese oolong that is also grown on steep cliff sides in Fujian province but only during a very specific time period each year (the months between April-June). Wu Liang Ye’s high price tag comes from its complex production process which involves 8 different stages including baking and roasting before it is ready to be enjoyed. Just 50g of this rare oolong can cost up to $1500 USD!

Pu'erh Tea

Pu'erh tea has been produced since ancient times in Yunnan province, China. Pu'erh goes through an interesting fermentation process that gives it a unique earthy flavour profile unlike other types of teas. This type of fermented black tea also has many health benefits attributed to it such as improved digestion and cholesterol control. Pu'erh can range from being quite affordable ($5 USD/100g) to wildly expensive ($1500+ USD/100g). The higher priced varieties tend to be either very old or have been aged for decades – making these teas some of the most sought after teas in all of China!

As you can see there are numerous kinds of incredible teas out there that come with hefty price tags ranging from just a few dollars up to thousands! The flavours vary greatly between these different types but they all offer something special that makes them worth trying at least once (if your budget allows!).


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