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Tea in Sri Lanka: Celebrating the New Year with a Cup of Ceylon

Tea in Sri Lanka: Celebrating the New Year with a Cup of Ceylon
Tea in Sri Lanka: Celebrating the New Year with a Cup of Ceylon

As the world has been trying to cope up after the pandemic, it’s become more and more important to find ways to celebrate special occasions. And so, as April comes around, we at Mui Té want to bring some joy into your homes by introducing you to how tea is celebrated during Sri Lankan New Year.

Sri Lanka is well known for its delicious varieties of tea. Throughout the year, many people enjoy this refreshing beverage but during the New Year season, however, celebrations reach a whole new level! When it comes to celebrating the island nation’s traditional Sinhalese and Tamil New Year (or Aluth Avurudda), tea stands out as a definite favourite.

It’s customary for Sri Lankans to start the day with freshly brewed cups of rich and full-bodied Ceylon Tea. The aroma of the tea brings an energy of delight and happiness into homes, creating a cosy atmosphere that signals the start of the New Year festivities.

The tradition continues throughout the day when family members come together over a cup of tea while exchanging stories, playing avurudhu games and having fun. Afternoon tea during this time is typically paired with delicious snacks like pol roti (coconut flatbread) or kokis (round rice crackers). Some folks even add sweet bites such as chocolate layer cake, fruitcake or konda kavum (deep-fried sweetened rice flour batter).

To make this special occasion even more joyous, it’s customary to give gifts of tea. People may present each other with a variety of Sri Lankan tea blends, which comes in beautiful packaging that helps make the gift more meaningful.

So this April, why not try something different? Celebrate Sri Lankan New Year by indulging in a cup of Mui Té Ceylon Tea. Our exquisite blend will surely bring warmth and cheer into your homes, making you feel like you’re truly enjoying the spirit of Sri Lanka! Happy Aluth Avuruddu from all of us at Mui Té!

Happy New Year !

Cheers to a wonderful 2023!


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