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Tea and Sweeteners: A Perfect Pairing?

Tea and Sweeteners: A Perfect Pairing?
Tea and Sweeteners: A Perfect Pairing?

You don’t always need to add sugar or sweeteners to your cup of tea. But, if you're looking for a bit of added flavour, there are certain types of tea that are better suited for honey or other sweeteners. So let’s explore what makes the perfect pairing of tea and sweetener!

Black Teas

Many black teas have a naturally rich, robust flavour that stands up well against the sweetness of honey and other sweeteners. For example, English Breakfast tea is a classic choice for adding a dollop of honey; its malty flavour pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness of honey. Other black teas such as Earl Grey and Darjeeling are also excellent choices for adding honey due to their strong, robust flavours.

Green Teas

Green teas have a lighter, more delicate flavour profile than black teas, so they can be easily overpowered by the added sweetness from honey or other sweeteners. However, green teas that have been lightly roasted can stand up well against the added sweetness. These lightly roasted green teas tend to have a slightly nutty flavour which balances nicely with added sweetness. Sencha is one type of green tea that makes an excellent companion to honey or other sweeteners.

White Teas

White teas tend to be quite subtle in terms of their flavour profile and therefore pair best with light or mild-flavoured sweeteners such as agave syrup or simple syrup. White teas such as Silver Needle or White Peony make excellent companions to light-flavoured syrups due to their smooth texture and delicate notes of vanilla and citrus.

As you can see, there are certain types of tea that pair better with different types of sweetener depending on their strength and flavour profile. Black teas tend to be more robust in taste so they can stand up well against heavier flavoured sweeteners like honey while white teas are best paired with light syrups like agave syrup or simple syrup due to their delicate nature. With this knowledge in hand, you should now be able to find the perfect pairing for your next cup of tea!


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