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Reap the Benefits of Green Tea with Cold Water Brewing

Reap the Benefits of Green Tea with Cold Water Brewing
Reap the Benefits of Green Tea with Cold Water Brewing

If you’re a fan of green tea, you may be wondering if there is any difference between brewing it with hot water and cold water. Does it make a difference to the flavour? Is one brewing method more beneficial to your health than the other? Let’s take a deeper look at cold brew green tea and why it could be just what your cup is missing.

The Difference Between Hot & Cold Brewed Green Tea

When we compare hot-brewed green tea and cold-brewed green tea, there are some key differences that we can observe. Hot-brewing requires boiling water, which means that some of the delicate flavours in the tea leaves can be lost or overwhelmed when brewed this way. On top of that, boiling water makes certain tannins in the leaves more bitter – so if you don’t like that astringent taste, steering clear of boiling water might be for the best.

Cold brewing on the other hand means that you use room temperature or chilled water – this helps to preserve more of the subtle flavours in your green tea, as well as keep those tannins from becoming too overpowering. Not only does this result in tastier teas, but it also offers up some health benefits too! Cold-brewing helps to minimise the amount of caffeine released into your cup, while simultaneously preserving all those catechins (antioxidants) present in your favourite blends. That being said, cold-brewed green teas tend to contain slightly less polyphenols than their hot-brewed counterparts – but don’t worry too much about that because you're still getting plenty of these beneficial compounds either way!

If you love matcha cocktails or concocting latte recipes with your favourite teas then perhaps hot brew is for you; however if you prefer sipping on smooth and mellow cups of green tea then give cold brew a try!

Whether you opt for hot-brewed or cold-brewed tea is completely up to personal preference; however if you’re looking for a smoother flavour profile without compromising on any of those great health benefits then cold-brewing could be just what you need! Allowing your chosen blend time to steep slowly at room temperature ensures that each sip contains all its natural goodness intact – perfect for enjoying during warm summer days! So why not give it a go and see what all the fuss is about? We promise that once you do, you won’t look back!


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