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Iced Tea Cocktail: Green Tea Mojito

Updated: Dec 22, 2022


There's something undeniably refreshing about a mojito. Maybe it's the mint, or the lime, or the fact that it's basically alcoholic lemonade. But whatever the reason, we can all agree that mojitos are delicious. If you're a fan of mojitos (and if you're not, why not?), then you'll love this green tea mojito recipe. It's got all the same refreshing flavours of a traditional mojito, plus the added benefits of green tea. So not only will it taste good, but it'll also give you a little boost of energy. This mojito is perfect for summer parties or any time you need a refreshing drink. So what are you waiting for? whip up a batch of these bad boys and enjoy!


Iced Tea Cocktail: Green Tea Mojito
Iced Tea Cocktail: Green Tea Mojito


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