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How To Spot Quality Teas From Poor Ones

How To Spot Quality Teas From Poor Ones
How To Spot Quality Teas From Poor Ones

As the saying goes, “All tea is not created equal.” When it comes to tea, there are a few key differences between quality teas and inferior ones. Quality teas tend to be more flavourful, have a rich aroma and can be steeped multiple times without losing their flavour. Inferior teas tend to be flavourless and lack any real aroma. Here are some tips for identifying quality teas versus inferior ones.

Evaluate The Color of The Tea Leaves

When you look at the dry tea leaves, they should have a vibrant colour with a glossy finish. Steer clear of dull or faded coloured leaves as this indicates that the tea has been exposed to heat for too long, resulting in loss of flavour over time. The colour of the brewed tea should also be vibrant—if it’s dull or cloudy then it can mean that the tea is old or stale.

Check the Aroma

The smell of fresh tea should be strong and fragrant—if it smells musty or mouldy then it’s likely past its prime. Quality teas typically have floral and fruity aromas, while inferior teas often have no scent at all or just a faint hint of something herbal-like but not much else. When you are buying tea, make sure to give the bag a good sniff before purchasing—this will help you determine whether or not it’s worth buying!

Taste It For Yourself

The best way to test out whether a particular type of tea is good quality is by tasting it for yourself! Put some hot water into your favourite mug and add some loose-leaf tea (or use a prepackaged bag). Give it enough time to steep (typically 3-5 minutes) then take a sip and see what you think. If the flavour is full-bodied with depth and complexity then chances are you’ve found yourself an excellent cup of tea!

Choosing quality teas over inferior ones can make all the difference when it comes down to brewing up a delicious cup! By evaluating the colour of the dry leaves, checking out its aroma and actually tasting it for yourself, you can rest assured that your cuppa will be top notch every time! So next time you’re buying your favourite brew, make sure to keep these tips in mind so that you can always enjoy high quality cup o’tea! Happy sipping!


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