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Enjoy a Relaxed Picnic and Tea in the Summertime

Enjoy a Relaxed Picnic and Tea in the Summertime
Enjoy a Relaxed Picnic and Tea in the Summertime

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy a relaxed picnic with friends and family. Whether it's at the local park, beach or even your backyard, nothing beats a sunny day spent outdoors with good company and delicious food. One of the best parts about picnics is that you can get creative and mix it up with different dishes and snacks. And don’t forget to bring along some refreshing tea to go along with your delicious picnic spread!

If you’re looking for unique teas that will add a special touch to your picnic, Mui Té has exactly what you need. Our fresh and flavourful range of Black, Green and fruit teas are perfect for any occasion. From refreshing green and honey blends to detoxifying lemon and lime, we have something that everyone can enjoy.

Loose Leaf Teas come in a range of sizes, making them ideal for both individual use or large gatherings. Also, our tea bags make picnicking even easier – just grab a few and bring them along with you. That way, you don’t have to worry about bringing along an infuser or strainer!

On top of that, our teas are all natural and GM Free and low in sugar, so it's the perfect way to keep everyone energised without the unwanted side effects.

What’s more, our range of teas is also incredibly versatile – it can be served hot for a warm and comforting treat or iced for an energising cool down. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not mix your favourite flavours together to create something truly unique?

So go ahead and plan the perfect picnic this summer – don’t forget to bring some tea along! With Mui Té, you can enjoy healthy, delicious refreshments that everyone will love. Make your picnic one to remember with our quality teas. Let's get picnicking!


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