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Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea - Less Bitter, More Better!

Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea - Less Bitter, More Better!
Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea - Less Bitter, More Better!

If you are looking for the best way to brew a strong cup of tea without any bitterness, then you have come to the right place. There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea – but sometimes it can be too bitter or lacking in flavour. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your tea is brewed perfectly every single time. Let’s start sipping!

Choose Quality Tea Leaves and Water

The most important aspect of making a good cup of tea is starting off with quality ingredients; this means using high-quality tea leaves and good water. It may sound obvious, but if your tea leaves have been sitting around for ages or the water used isn’t fresh, your cup of tea will suffer. Make sure to buy high quality tea (preferably ceylon tea); these contain higher quality leaves and will yield better results. And when it comes to the water, use filtered or bottled if necessary; tap water contains chemicals that may affect the taste of your tea.

Brew Time and Temperature Matters

It goes without saying that all types of teas should be treated differently when it comes to brewing time and temperature – so make sure you check what type of tea you’re using as each requires different temperatures and steeping times. Generally speaking, lighter teas require lower temperatures (around 77°C) while darker teas require higher temperatures (around 110°C). Most importantly, keep an eye on the clock as over-brewing will result in a bitter taste.

Sweeten Up – Or Not?

This part is totally up to you – some people prefer their cups of tea sweetened while others prefer them plain. If you do want to add some sweetness, try adding honey or agave syrup instead of sugar – they dissolve quickly and won’t leave any residue at the bottom of your cup! Also consider adding milk or cream if desired; however this may slightly mask the flavour profile so add cautiously as too much may overpower the natural flavour from the tea leaves.

There you have it - three easy tips for brewing a perfect cup of tea with no bitterness every single time! First things first - start off with quality ingredients such as high quality teas and either filtered or bottled water. Then pay close attention to both brewing time and temperature based on what type of tea you are using - this is key in avoiding bitterness! And lastly, sweeten up - or not - depending on your personal preference. Now go forth and enjoy a cuppa! Cheers!


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