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A Guide to Ceylon Tea Rituals

A Guide to Ceylon Tea Rituals
A Guide to Ceylon Tea Rituals

Drinking a cup of tea is a wonderfully relaxing experience, and Ceylon tea is no exception. Originating in Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea has become increasingly popular in the UK for its distinct flavour. But did you know that there are some unique rituals associated with drinking this type of tea? Let’s take a closer look!

The Traditional Brewing Method

The traditional method of brewing Ceylon tea is simple yet effective. First, place your tea bag or loose-leaf tea into a mug or pot. Then, pour hot (not boiling) water over it and let it steep for four minutes before removing the teabag or straining the leaves. After adding milk and sugar if desired, you can enjoy your cup of Ceylon tea!

Pouring Ritual

In Sri Lanka, pouring a cup of tea is an important ritual that has been passed down through generations. It involves pouring from a height - usually around 24 inches - from an aluminium pot’ to give the drinker a frothy top layer on their beverage. This method also serves to aerate the drink which helps produce its distinct flavour profile.


When drinking Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka, presentation is key! The most traditional way to serve it is on a tray with small glasses accompanied by snacks such as biscuits or cakes. Additionally, some people may add sweeteners such as honey or jaggery to enhance their cup of tea!

Ceylon tea has been enjoyed by generations in Sri Lanka and across the world because of its distinctive flavour and aroma. With its unique brewing methods and presentation rituals, enjoying this type of tea can be an incredibly special experience that will transport you right back to Sri Lanka! So why not try preparing your own cup at home - just make sure you follow all of these steps correctly for the full effect!


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