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A Cup of Tea with Your Meal?

A Cup of Tea with Your Meal?
A Cup of Tea with Your Meal?

It’s no secret that tea is a staple of British culture, and with good reason! In addition to being a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed hot or cold, there are many potential health benefits associated with drinking tea. But one question remains: Is it beneficial or detrimental to drink tea with your meals? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons.

The Benefits of Drinking Tea With Meal

There are several potential benefits associated with drinking tea during meals. For starters, drinking a cup of tea can help you slow down and savour your food more mindfully, allowing you to enjoy the taste and texture of each bite. It has also been suggested that certain teas—especially green teas—may help reduce blood sugar spikes after eating by slowing digestion. Finally, some evidence suggests that the antioxidants in tea may promote better gut health by reducing inflammation in the digestive tract.

The Downsides of Drinking Tea With Meal

On the other hand, there are some caveats to consider before washing down your meal with a cup of tea. The most obvious is that drinking too much tea can lead to dehydration, which can disrupt digestion if left unchecked. Additionally, some teas—particularly those containing caffeine—can interfere with iron absorption from foods such as red meat, beans, and dark leafy greens. Lastly, adding milk or cream to your tea could potentially negate any potential health benefits depending on what type of milk you use (e.g., whole vs skim).

Overall, enjoying a cup of tea during meals can be beneficial in terms of digestion if done responsibly! If you decide to do so, it’s best practice to opt for an herbal variety without caffeine and limit yourself to one cup per day (or less). Green teas are great options as they contain powerful antioxidants that may even improve gut health over time! However, always keep an eye out for signs of dehydration or interference with iron absorption due to overconsumption. All in all though - have fun sipping away on your cuppa! Cheers!


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