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A Comprehensive Guide to Tea Flushes: First Flush vs Second Flush

A Comprehensive Guide to Tea Flushes: First Flush vs Second Flush
A Comprehensive Guide to Tea Flushes: First Flush vs Second Flush

Are you a tea enthusiast? Do you ever wonder how the flavour of your cup of tea can vary so drastically from one batch to another? The answer lies in something called “tea flush.” The two main types of tea flushes are first flush and second flush, and understanding the differences between these two can help you choose the perfect tea for any occasion.

What is Tea Flush?

Tea flush is a term used to refer to when a particular type of tea bush or tree goes through its seasonal growth cycle. During this time, new leaves grow out on the plant that have very different properties compared to those harvested earlier in the year. The seasonal changes in the environment also affect how these leaves are processed, which further accentuates their differences compared to other flushes of tea.

First Flush Tea

First flush tea is harvested from March to April and is often produced at higher elevations due to cooler temperatures and more rainfall – conditions that produce a sweeter flavour in teas. This type of tea generally has lighter coloration with more grassy, floral notes and a very mild astringency. It’s perfect for those who prefer subtler flavour profiles as well as being a great choice for making iced teas or cold-brewing for an extra refreshing treat on hot summer days!

Second Flush Tea

Second flush tea is harvested in the summer months of May to June. This type of tea has a darker coloration due to the increased warmth and less rainfall, which leads to stronger flavour notes with more pronounced astringency. The taste can range from nutty and earthy to sweet or even spicy depending on the variety. Those who enjoy bolder flavours will love this type of tea – it’s also perfect for pairing with food as its strong profile stands up well against rich or savoury dishes.

Regardless of your preference, understanding what goes into each flush of tea can help you make an informed decision when choosing teas. Both first and second flush teas have their own appeal, so find out what works best for you and enjoy your cup of tea!


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