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A Cheerio to the Debate of Fresh vs Dried Herbs for Brewing Tea!

A Cheerio to the Debate of Fresh vs Dried Herbs for Brewing Tea!
A Cheerio to the Debate of Fresh vs Dried Herbs for Brewing Tea!

When it comes to brewing herbal teas, many folks find themselves in a bit of a quandary. Does one use fresh herbs, or dried? After all, there must be a difference between the two when it comes to flavour and nutritional content. Well, never fear—today we’re going to take a look at the debate of fresh vs dried herbs when it comes to brewing tea. Let's get started!

The Role of Fresh Herbs in Tea Making

When it comes to making herbal teas with fresh herbs, there is no doubt that they can add a unique taste and aroma to your brews. Additionally, some believe that fresh herbs tend to offer more benefits than their dried counterparts in terms of nutrition and health benefits. The reason for this is that freshly picked herbs tend to contain higher levels of essential oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than those which have been dried out for storage purposes.

On the flip side of things however, many tipplers insist that using fresh herbs can prove more expensive than using dried ones due to their short shelf life — and so if you don’t plan on drinking your cuppa within a few days of picking them then you might as well just buy them already dehydrated instead! Furthermore, sometimes getting hold of specific types of fresh herbs can prove difficult due to their seasonal nature...but thankfully this isn’t an issue when you opt for pre-dried ingredients!

The Role of Dried Herbs in Tea Making

Dried herbs come with plenty of advantages too — not least because they are widely available all year round without fail meaning that you can always get your hands on whatever variety tickles your fancy at any given time! What’s more is that these powders tend to be much more concentrated than their natural forms — meaning less goes further in terms of flavour (especially if using them in recipes etc). On top of that, they also last for much longer than their natural brethren too — often up to two years or longer depending on how carefully they are stored away.

So there we have it folks; the age old debate between using fresh or dried herbs when it comes to brewing tea has been discussed today. At the end of the day however it really does come down to personal preference and availability — but whichever option you choose make sure you enjoy every sip!


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